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Please carefully read the following eligibility requirements and terms of service:

I confirm and accept that I am an incorporated, active business with employees making a T4 income.

I confirm and accept the conditions of a 10% admin fee.

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Health Spending Account – a non-taxable alternative, or supplementation to a traditional benefits plan.

Carve out coverage such as orthodontics or vision care!


Offer health & wellness items to your employees. Let them decide what matters most with a comprehensive, lifestyle plan.

Our most popular plan!


Wellness Spending Account – a taxable account to promote healthier lifestyles and employee satisfaction.

Select WSA items to reward and incentivize employees!

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Offer employees a complete benefits package with add-on products

Add-on products are adminstered either as a group in addition to their spending account, or voluntarily for employees to shop with their account balance.
Select below how you want to administer products to employees:

Employer provided products

Group pricing

Provide all employees with pre-selected products in addition to their spending account balance.

Employee voluntary products

Drawn from plan allowance

Let employees shop the Marketplace – a comprehensive suite of product subscriptions. No extra cost.


myMarketplace is an interactive shopping experience that allows employees to build their own benefit package using their annual plan allowance.

At the start of the benefit year employees are given 15 days to purchase products using their available spending accounts.

Once a selection is made, employees are locked into for the remainder of that benefit year.

Interactive Custom-Benefits Annual-Plan

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Mental Health Resources Telemedicine – Online Healthcare Substance Use Treatment Travel Insurance Medical Cannabis Will & Estate Planning Employee Family Assistance Program

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